Public Access New Zealand stands for public access to public land .. to be freely available for all, as much as is reasonably possible.

“To recreate on public land
To stand upon a hill
These things are our freedoms
And stand up for them, we will”

It’s all about our tamariki and our mokopuna .. our children and our grandchildren. We are the custodians .. the baton-holders .. and it is our responsibility to retain and enhance public access as much as we can. Fix it where it’s broken .. and hand it on in the best shape possible, to our future generations.

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand .. we are fortunate to have a vast amount of public land (around 8 million hectares – almost one-third of New Zealand’s total land area).

Our modern founders had a vision for egalitarian access. Not just for the wealthy – and not just for those who own land (even though we respect the rights of private land ownership).

In the past, our people have fought .. and many gave their lives .. to uphold this vision. To retain our freedoms. We must honour their sacrifice.

Where it is has been, or can be provided for – public access to public lands should be freely available to everybody.

Whether you want to go on foot, ride a bike, horse-ride, vehicle .. or boat.

Most of our public land sits behind privately-controlled land. Even where public access has been provided for – we see a lot of small-minded, greedy, selfish, and controlling behaviour. Private interests should not profit by unreasonably denying the public what ought to be rightfully theirs. Combatting such behaviour is our No. 1 focus.

Where public access does not currently exist, or has been eroded – we believe it should be able to reasonably be negotiated, wherever possible. Certainly, every opportunity to do so must be seized. For example, when public land passes into private ownership. Or, when overseas investment approvals are being considered.

Too many of us are ambivalent .. apathetic. We know things are not right .. but we don’t do anything about it. We don’t believe we can make a difference .. or we don’t know how.

Not us .. not PANZ. We will not stand idly by, and let things persist, where they are not right.

We are your public access champions. We hope you will see we are doing good work ..and give us your support.

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Rest assured .. your support will help secure New Zealand public access, for the future.

Thank You.