About Us

PANZ overview

Public Access New Zealand Inc. (PANZ) gained national prominence through a well-supported campaign to protect Queen’s Chain public access along river banks, lake and sea shores during the lead-up to the 1993 New Zealand general election and subsequently with the Walking Access Commission establishment. PANZ is the leading advocate for the ‘Queen’s Chain’.

We have been active in advancing tenure reform and public access in the South Island high country (leasehold rangelands) and opposing mass freeholding of these Crown lands.

Other activities include scrutiny of the management of the public conservation estate (national parks, reserves, conservation areas, etc.) by the Department of Conservation.

We have a particular interest in the defence of rights of passage along public roads (both formed and unformed).

Government responses to Maori claimsto public lands and other natural resources are scrutinised for their validity and effect on public recreation.

A major effort goes into reviewing proposed legislative changes, and lobbying.

As our national priorities and resources allow, we assist PANZ Supporters with resolving local access problems.

We publish newsletters and campaign alerts.

Our main publishing media is the Web www.panz.kiwi.nz

We  issue news media releases.

We are an incorporated charitable trust.

Despite our numerical support through other organisations, we are an underfunded, bare-bones organisation. If you think we are a worthwhile enterprise, we need your support to ensure that our work continues.

PANZ has no paid staff and all trustees are volunteers.