• Spectators Never Win in Political Decision-making
    Opinion by Charles Baycroft There are two ways to regard government:- 1. “The Government”, which is what most people talk about when often saying “The Government Should or Should not ———“ You hear most people talking about this all the time because they do not understand how the system of politics and government actually works. 2. “Our … Continue reading
  • Government Needs to Come Clean on Foreign Buy-ups of NZ
    The current government needs to instigate far stricter controls on foreigners buying up New Zealand’s countryside says the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations as well as keeping the New Zealand public informed of the extent of outsiders buying up the countryside. “Frustratingly figures are few and far between to make an accurate assessment but the … Continue reading
  • An Ode to Public Rights of Passage
    Public rights of passage Public access to public land These are the things we’re concerned about Where we make our stand   For when our early settlers Founded our country free They did it with clear intention Some things would surely be   Access for everyone Not just those with wealth The same opportunities for … Continue reading
  • PANZ Original Website Archive
    Our earliest website has been recovered from the archives and is available for you to view. It is available at “We are committed to resist private predation of the public estate”. Continue reading
  • The Section 23 Principle is Vital for Future Access
    Opinion by Tony Orman In the middle of the 19th century New Zealand was settled by Europeans, the second wave of migrants preceded by the first of Polynesian Islanders about 1300 AD. The Europeans brought with them a vision to abandon the UK feudal society that was built upon privilege and a pecking order based … Continue reading
  • Formal Complaint to Greater Wellington Regional Council
    C/‐ Fish and Game Otago, PO Box 76, Dunedin 9054 New Zealand Greater Wellington Regional Council PO Box 11646 Wellington 6142 Attn. Greg Campbell, Chief Executive 30 March 2020 Dear Mr Campbell Re – Formal Complaint Under the RMA Regarding GW Forestry Operations This constitutes a formal complaint on behalf of the citizens and rate‐payers … Continue reading
  • Welcome to Our New Website
    Who We Are Public Access New Zealand Inc. (PANZ) gained national prominence through a well-supported campaign to protect Queen’s Chain public access along river banks, lake and sea shores during the lead-up to the 1993 New Zealand general election and subsequently with the Walking Access Commission establishment. PANZ is the leading advocate for the ‘Queen’s … Continue reading